Thursday, 14 May 2009

How to Set Email on Microsoft Outlook

To set email on Outlook Express first you have to setup your account in it. It is legal to have more than one account for different purpose like for online shopping; business etc. having more than one account is supported by Outlook Express. There are many ways to open account in MS Outlook. Here one of the easy is described below. You can choose this way to create account on MS Outlook. At First, just click on the 'Start' menu.

Then click on the 'All Programs' menu.

After that, just go to 'Outlook Express'.

There will be an option to open your Outlook Express automatically when you start MS outlook Express. if you want click on the 'yes' button otherwise on the 'no' button.

Then click on the 'When Outlook Express starts go directly to my Inbox' button. Outlook Express will forward the mail directly to your inbox. After that, click on the 'Contacts' and 'Folder List' buttons, if you want to verify them or click on 'OK'.

After using the 'Outlook Express' regularly a few days, its icon can be seen in the start menu. So you can open it just click on the icon of the Start Menu or go the all program menu to open it.

If you want a web base email account you can be able to get in a hotmail account. Though, other Web-based accounts are not stocked up on your hard disk drive. All those are in the provider's computer email account. If you want to open your account from any computer you use, you have to follow a process. The steps of the following process are given below:

First go to the web site and track the setup instructions. For example, is the URL for Gmail.

Then set up 'Outlook Express' to the following directions beyond in the 'Set up an Outlook Express e-mail Account'.

If you have to share your computer with other else you can take the advantage of first user switching. You can do this In Windows XP. It opens to its name by allowing you to switch between users on a single computer not include to close any program you are operating or logging off.

If you want to use the Fast User Switching, just open 'User Account' from the control panel. Then click on the 'Change the way users log on or off' button. To do this 'Use Fast User Switching' box must be verified. Then to switch user click on the 'Start' then click on the 'Log off' button and then click on the 'Switch User' button. At last, you can see the user account to switch on the welcome screen.

When you want to close the MS Outlook Express just follow the rules of shutting down on windows programs.

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