Thursday, 14 May 2009

How to Fix Pictures on an Email

Now a day, email is not a limited only in its text-message. It is so easy to fix pictures or files on it. When, you need a picture to fix or attach on an e-mail simply composes email click on compose mail option. Then you have to click on attachment option, then click on browse option one after the other. After clicking on those options, a window will come, where you have to choose the necessary picture. That window what has come is the file position identifier for your computer and if you don't find your required picture, you have to go up, down and thereby browsing drives or folders and select your picture. After clicking you have to wait some time. When it says 'file is attached' go back to message then click 'send', you have to make sure that you truly putting an address on the 'send to' option. Email support pictures of many format like JPG, TIF, PCD, BMP and other formats. So you can just attach or fix pictures on an email.

Fix picture on MS Outlook

To fix or attach a photo in MS Outlook you have to follow some steps.

At the starting point you have to click on 'New' option. A window will open.

You have to fill the boxes 'To' and 'Subject' with the destination mail address and arbitrary subject correspondingly.

After then type any message you wish to attend the photos. Then click 'Insert File' which is the paperclip icon.

At last place your file through the 'Insert File' box then click file's name and after then click the 'Insert'. If you want to attach or fix any other records or photos click 'Insert' and then go on in the previous sequential step.

Fix Picture on MS Outlook Express

To fix or attach picture on the MS outlook express first you have to get a new message option, then click simply 'Create Mail'.

Then fill the two options 'To' and 'Subject' sequentially.

Then just click on the 'Attach' button and place the file in the 'Insert Attachment' option.

Then click on the 'Attach' button and at last click on the 'Send' button.

To send or receive an email it need some time. The time for sending and receiving e-mail depends on the size of attachment data or picture. E-mail containing large attachments takes more times compared to the mail of lower attachment. If you send your pictures to your friend who uses a dial-up internet connection, he can not get the pictures. So you can not send a large number of data to a slow internet connection.

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