Friday, 15 May 2009

Using Social Media to Build Internet Business

I currently have more than 3,000 friends on a most popular social media called Facebook. I wish them happy birthday when I see that it is their special day. This feature is on your home page, and shows up automatically each day. It only takes a few minutes to go to their profiles and write something on their wall. Many times I am the only one who does this because the person does not have many friends. Sometimes that same person joins my list later in the day.

I also belong to about 30 groups and have become friends with people in these groups. I choose the groups that are of interest to me and that have people who may be interested in what I do. Then I started my own Facebook group and invited my friends to join it. I now have more seven hundred people that I can communicate with regularly through my group. There are unlimited possibilities on Facebook, but you must be sociable.

Twitter works the same way. Follow me and see how it works. I notice that many Twitterers are passive and anti-social. The result? They do not connect with others and miss out on the opportunities. I have been asked to speak at a seminar, connected with someone I wanted to interview for one of my teleseminars, and added many people to my list, all by tweeting on a regular basis.

Sometimes I tell people what course I have coming up and other times I share something I am doing with my family. I am also connected to Twitter through other sites, so sometimes I tweet without even being on my computer. When I post to my blog or publish an article online, this information is automatically tweeted for me.

If you are on Facebook and Twitter, you already know how many people there are and about the interactivity that is going on. But you must get involved or it will all pass you by. Become part of the conversation and you will reap the rewards. Be seen as anti-social and no one will know you exist. It is completely up to you. In many ways, social networking is like networking in your own community in the offline world. That just takes a lot longer before you see any results, whereas social networking can happen in minutes or hours.

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