Friday, 15 May 2009

Article Marketing Drives Site Visitors

To drive visitors to your website or to make money with article monetizing sites requires that you do several things.

1) You need to create quality content that encourages the reader to visit your website or click on a link.
2) You need to get your content out to the World Wide Web using Article Directories
3) You need to submit your articles to the Several Hundred Top Article Directories as well as lesser known Article Directories, which is is a very time consuming process.

Add to this the fact that if you send the same article to every Article Directory, your articles impact will be minimal since Search Engines consider this to be duplicate content which can hurt the all important one way backlink.

Also for those that are looking to monetize their articles with the various online blogging sites that exist the more niche related articles you have the more money you're going to make.

To address these two major problems, you need to
1) Automate your Article Submissions to Article Directories
2) You need to create as much unique content around targeted keywords as you can to get all your articles indexed by the Search Engines

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Tools or Services Required.

Taking the second statement from above first there are several tools and services that are available that will allow you to generate several different articles from a main article that you create; or allow you to generate article content from keywords and key phrases which easily allow you to create multiple articles quickly.

But remember there is no substitute for quality content, therefore your initial article must be good and strong and of sufficient content, if the software application or service is going to create quality variations of your main work.

After your content has been created, you now need to submit it to the Article Directories. You can do this on your own by doing a search on your favorite Search Engine to look up Article Directories, or you can use a software application to submit your articles to Article Directories and lastly you can use a service to submit your articles to Article Directories.

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Since automating your article submission is the subject of this article you can ignore the Search Engine route. When using article submission software you need to make sure that it is a fully automated application.

Some Article Submitters only provide partial article automation, what this means is that they will load the site - you will then have to login; once logged in the software will load the article details - then you must submit the article, then log out and proceed to the next site and repeat the same steps. Though this is a step up from entering the details at each Article Directory site it is still a slow and time consuming process.

These partial submitters are generally less expensive then a fully automated application and if time is not an issue may work well for you. On the other hand a fully automated application takes full control of the Article Submission Process with just one click. Essentially it's a click and forget procedure as the software takes care of everything for you.

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The last option and maybe the best option available to you is an Article Submission Service. These services charge a fee to submit your articles to Article Directories and the payment structure can be monthly, Quarterly, Annually or Lifetime.

The amount of articles you can submit with these services varies with some submission services letting you submit a few articles per day or month to an unlimited number of articles per month. Therefore if your looking to mass produce articles you need to consider which service is best for your needs. For instance most articles marketers suggest that you create between 3 and 5 articles per day to submit to an article directory this means your generating between 90 and 150 articles per month, but some services limit the amount of articles that you can submit monthly to less than 10 articles.

Also if you're looking to target your articles to a specific audience you should go with service that has a large submission category, which enables you to select the most appropriate category for your articles. This results in the right audience reading your articles, generating visitors to your website and in most cases allowing you to monetize your blog or article posting site with clicks and sales.

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